Our method and tools

Our Behavioural Pedagogical Method

Our experiential approach uses live drama-based training and theatrical improvisation run by professional actors, to illustrate and train with humour in a non- threatening, safe environment. The physical and emotional impact of the situations explored in class drives trainee engagement and develops winning reflexes.

Our Tools

Situations explored through role-playing opposite our actor-trainers allow participants to experience challenging situations in a safe context.

Through this powerful lifelike process, the actor-trainer immerses the participants in the situations, adjusting the level of difficulty according to their expectations and stage of development.

We also use blended learning (video, quizz, assessments…)
Practical exercices, multi-media pedagogical tools, and creativity methods.
Illustrated pedagogical tools : Graphic facilitation, Design Thinking, Video…

An inclusive approach

Our original training and coaching approach is also based on theoretical contributions from communication sciences and humanistic psychology:

  • Process Communication
  • Non-Violent Communication,
  • Transactional Analysis,
  • NLP,
  • Appreciative Inquiry,
  • Co-development,
  • Assertiveness,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Collective Intelligence.

In class or remotely, our formats and programmes can be adapted to your needs.